Junkerry works with live computers, electric guitar and voice

Born in Paris, studied Jazz Improvisation and Harmony, traditional African High Life, Afro Beat and Indian Classical Singing at Kala Academy in South India. She sings in English, French and Hindi 

After touring the world as a professional musician, settled in South India for 8 years to study Indian Classical music and began performing solo. Returned to europe in 2013 to take up "artist in residence", experimenting with Max msp software and tools designed at France's prestigious contemporary music academy IRCAM

Since has been creating genre bending music based artistic projects. Collaborations have included New York photographer Neil Wilder, London illustrator Partrick Morgan Royal College of Art, Google Tilt and Room One VR. The latest project, a music film short was nominated by NASA for their 2017 CineSpace Film prize.

Composes, writes and produces at her home studio in the South of France. Junkerry performs using tailored Max msp patches with Ableton Live - currently one of only a handful of artists performing live solo sets in this way. 

info/press: penelope@junkerry.com