Amaurosis Fugax: a painless temporary loss of vision. (Latin fugax meaning fleeting, Greek amaurosis meaning darkening, dark, or obscure) 

• Immersive Vision Theater, Plymouth - 11th November 2019

• Think Tank, Birmingham - 13th November 2019

• We The Curious, Bristol - 15th November 2019

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 AMAUROSIS is a 40 minutes/three dimensional encounter partly in the dark, investigating what happens when music becomes your emotional guide. 

What if we had to make decisions based on hearing only ?

Without vision, the audience is presented with a premise, that encourages them to become creators of their own story within the performance. A journey that surprises and ignites the imagination. 

Fusing cutting edge spatial sound technology and Planetarium Domes with an innovative music score, to spark a magical shift and transport the audience inside the music. An audiovisual finale uses 4D textured sensorial visuals to return them home.

Audiences today want to capture their experiences via devices; however, this infringes upon the experience itself. In an over visually stimulated world, AMAUROSIS focuses the attention on the art of listening. To empower the imagination, shift beliefs, and provide a fresh creative theatrical dimension.

Music is delivered in multi-diffusion (on eight speakers). This changes the listener’s perception of the environment - amplifying emotional impact and enables a genuine choreography. Creating an audio illusion, by using holophonic sound to bend the laws of acoustics. So realism is no longer relevant.  

Credits :

Junkerry - Creative director & Composer

Lucy Hardcastle Studio - Visuals direction

Thomas Rawle - Animator

Ian Milne - Project Manager


Airelle Besson - Trumpet 

Ruth Phillips - Cello 

Jean Cohen-Solal - Metal Flute 

Marc Clayton - Tabla 

Manfred Kovasic - Bass Clarinet

Jun Bista - Vocals

3000monks - Spoken words

Junkerry - Vocals, Electric guitar, Electronics


• Arts Council England

• Kings College, London Audio Processing Dept, UK

• The University of Surrey, Institute of Recording, UK

• Play Nicely, Bristol, UK


Balance between the tangible and virtual worlds / Theta and alpha brainwaves / Perception of sound / Interaction with darkness / Seeking the light / Influence of colours / dome mapping / colour and sound texturing 

Darkness - is used as a medium for a deeper connection. It comes with its own personality: disconcerting, unnerving, intense, yet captivating and seductive. Once we remove our childhood fears, the imagination can run free.

Neurology - our need to balance internal and external elements has a consequence: our brains make outtakes, editing the messages, we should receive. Without vision & proprioception and with congruence between senses, the brain believes in the images it creates - Our brains operate at specific bandwidths, measured in frequencies. Brainwaves change depending on how we are feeling, and what we are doing. keeping our focus on one thing at a time emulate natural frequencies and alter them to slower pace

Music Score - Tangles genres, tying eastern philosophy with western music. Layers of sound, infused with hypnotic chorus and haunting melodies, build landscapes; to ignite a contemplative state, and create suspended moments through music, voices, and computer effects.  Somehow the music score feels organic yet digital.

Visuals - most are aware of how colours affect our emotions. Here we use sensual 4D textured visuals to guide the audience, for a natural transition from the experience to a return to reality - The intriguing images focus on real vs imaginary world and bring a sensual esthetic to the piece